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JUNE 15, 2019
Welcome to the Global Cold Chain Alliance

Melvin Xavier
Global Network Director

Cold Chain Connect is a network of top-class cold chain operators from all over the world. Our exclusive logistics network unites forwarders that are experienced and hold a proven track record in handling products that require temperature controlled transport by Air, Sea, Land, or Rail.

Moving temperature controlled goods is a highly specialized task that only companies with expertise in the business can be trusted with. It demands dedicated attention throughout the supply chain, which Cold Chain Connect’s partnership network is confident to provide seamlessly.

We take pride in being the first and only network in the world that unites Forwarders and Logistics operators that specialize in the movement of temperature sensitive cargo.

We believe that it is important that forwarders look for, and find networks that can cater to and reflect their specific strengths in the industry.

At Cold Chain Connect, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work with high quality and reliable cold chain experts, leading the cold chain logistics community all over the world.

Welcome to Cold Chain Connect, the Global Cold Chain Alliance!


Best regards,

Melvin Xavier
Global Network Director
Cold Chain Connect